Blood Donation

To inspire people to donate blood voluntarily . Create awareness among the people about the noble cause of Blood Donation. Such camps can provide a platform where people can share their experiences in voluntary blood donation and establish a regional network among donors specially the youth for information sharing and capacity building.

MORE than 200 people donated about 150 pints of blood at Tambaram Seventh Day Adventist Church annual blood donation drive.

The event organised with the National Blood Bank (PDN) was held to meet the seasonal dip during the fasting month.

“As we continue to create awareness of the importance of ‘giving’ as well as to meet the objectives of the local community, this annual drive has seen an increase in the number of donors year after year.

The collection of blood each year has saved many lives and provided better quality of life for patients; for instance, support for surgical procedures, emergency responses and platelet transfusion.